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How do you decide on what style to shoot? recurve, compound or traditional?
  Pick a style and see if you like. Used equipment isn't expensive and you can always resell it if you don't like it. It might take you a while to decide. If your club has different bows you can try out, that's a great way to get started. We currently have recurve bows. We hope to have a few compound bows on hand in the future for people to try out. The same goes for stabilizers and release aids. Eventually we hope to have a greater variety of equipment for you to try out.
How much does the equipment cost?
  That varies a lot. I would suggest that you pick something on the moderately low end to get started, around $400 for the whole setup. If it is a compound get one that can be easily adjusted for draw length because your kids are going to be growing and their drawlength will be getting longer. The more expensive bows are not as adjustible in terms of drawlength. In most cases you can improve the equipment as you grow into the sport. If you buy a really cheap bow however, it's going to create a lot of frustration because of the poor quality. And then kids are more likely to drop out of archery before they have hardly started.
How about a little background on our new coach?
  This probably should have been the first FAQ in the list. I first started shooting when I was in scouts and in school I even took a college level course in archery! Then about 15 years ago I finally got serious about it. I bought a moderately priced compound bow and just tried it on my own for probably 8 years. Didn't go so well. I didn't know what I was doing. Then I met Doug Jones, an archery coach with a lifetime of experience. And from there I got my certification from USA Archery, up to level three now! I have been accepted for level four certification which will be completed in Noverber. I compete in leagues, regional and state matches. Haven't yet attended a national event, though it is something I want to do someday soon! I shoot compound, compound freestyle, olympic recurve & barebow. Probably about that same order too as far as skill is concerned. I love to teach and I love working with kids. If's fun to see how excited they become when they pop balloons or hit that occasional bullseye!
What do I get for $100?
  The fee covers monthly expenses like range fees, rental fees, coaching, awards and supplies. We meet 4-5 times in class each month and once a month an achievement shoot. Rental fees are higher than you might suppose because new archers break a LOT of arrows every session. Each arrow costs $6.50 to repair or replace. The average beginner breaks 2 arrows a session. So that is why the rental fee is high. Just last Sunday at the open shoot they broke 15 arrows! (I haven't broken an arrow in a dozen years. Broken arrows are part of the expense of learning to shoot)