You can register by downloading the proper document and pay online or when you come.

Island Archers JOAD

Please download and fill out the registration form. Email it back to me.

Island Archers JOAD participation requires the prior approval of the coach. Normally new students complete an Explore Archery introduction to archery, or a series of private lessons to learn the basics before they are invited to join the Island Archers team.
The monthly dues are $125 that you can pay online or when you come. We can process cards at the range.

Monthly Dues
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It is also possible to have an automatic payment every month by subscribing below!
When you click the "Subscription" button you will be prompted to set up a PayPal account or sign into your PayPal account if you already have one.

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: : : : : : : : : BISC Members:    If you are a member of the Bainbridge Island Sportsmens Club there is a discount to being a member of the Island Archers as well. For BISC members the monthly JOAD dues is $100. By subscribing with the buttons below you will be paying automatically each month at the discounted rate.

2022 Archery Camps

The dates are on the Registration Form     

This is for both beginners and experienced archers. The kids need to bring a lunch each day. Each day one family is designated to bring a treat of their choice. The minimum age is 8 years old. There is a registration form to fill out and return. A waiver form must be filled out and brought on the first day. The cost for the week is $350, payable online. And a $45 membership in USA Archery, if they are not already a member.

Also, I have to have one parent each morning in order to hold a class with young kids. So of the 6 archers, we need to have one parent each day to stay with us on the range.  Without this we can't hold the camp at all. 

Registration Form

Waiver Form

JunlyArchery Camp Payment

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Camp Payments


Island Archers Adult Achievement Program 

We meet by appointment

Please download and fill out the Registration Form, waiver, then return it to me via email.

monthly Adult dues


Explore Archery

This is a GROUPevent to introduce you to the sport of archery.

If you have a group of people for a party (like a Birthday Party) or a family gathering then Explore Archery
is the way to go. You can go the the Contact Page for the email address and contact me with your group info. And we can go
from there with dates, size of groups, pricing and so forth.

The emphasis with Expore Archery is to get the basics and then play some games with archery,
some are more conmpetitive than others. So involve novilty targets (like dinosaurs) If there is
enough time we can print specialty targets (as long as people are not the target) Soon we will
be able to be portable and take the game to you within Kitsap County. Contact us and
let us know what you need.



Team Building Archery Events

For teams who want to experience archery together we offer basic instruction, with all equipment included, followed by archery games and team competitions. The cost is $300 for a 2 hour event, payable in advance. We can handle groups up to 12 members. Once we set a date for your event I want to discuss with you what kinds of games and team contest you would like to do. You can also contact me for more info:

Be sure that every individual of you team has completed and signed a waiver before they come.


NTS Certification Classes

Island Archers offer classes to become certified as an archery instructor or coach. These classes are certified by USA Archery and we use their curriculum. So far we can offer level 1, 2 & 3 certification in the National Training System developed by Coach KiSik Lee who is the head coach for USA Archery. If you would like more information on how this works email us at

To register for an upcoming class please fill out this FORM and return it to

To pay the enrollment fee of $150 for the level 2 class, fill in the info below and click the PayPal link.
For payment on Level 1 and 3 contact Coach Mike.

name of student
Email address

All participants mush also fill out a Waiver form before class and return it via email or bring the signed waiver to the first day of class.


The waiver must be signed and turned in at the start.


Donations to Island Archers

Island Archers is a non-profit incorporated in the state of Washington state. We need donations to keep our expenses down and to provide
archery classes at affordable prices for everyone. If we depended entirely on fees to pay our expenses the it becomes
unaffordable to many families, especially if they have mor than one child participating. Please donate if you can.



We offer a number of other archery training opportunities. Private instruction, certification for levels 1 & 2 & 3 through the USA Archery courses we offer.

Private lessons are one hour and cost $80. Contact me via email and we can set something up.

 Please contact us regarding the availability of classes and to receive registration information, we are happy to help.

Contact us for more information



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